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I have been planning to do a fall capsule wardrobe post for some time now (ummm hello mid-October).  And yet for some reason it just wasn’t happening.  I would look online to find pieces, write out lists of things I needed, tried to think of when and where to purchase them all, etc.  But the problem is I don’t really shop like that.  So it didn’t feel natural to me. Then yesterday, as I looked at what I currently own from seasons past and new purchases from this fall, I immediately inspired! Everything goes together and my heart went into overdrive. That rush is what I absolutely love about my job.  The genuine creativity and excitement I feel when I really love what I am putting together to share with you all.  I hope you love this outfits and if you’re shopping now or not, I hope they inspire you to feel amazing in your clothes!

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I choose about 20(+) pieces (including jewelry, shoes and bags) and styled them 6 different ways.  But there are SO many more ways to utilize all of these items throughout fall/winter.  All of the items are linked above in the collage and below the images.  Then you can also find additional options that are less expensive for some of the investment pieces at the end.  Check out my Instagram stories today for a full try-on and details on each piece!

sweater | overalls | shoes 1  | shoes 2 | bag | sunglasses


sweater | skirt | shoes 1 | shoes 2| bag | sunglasses 1 | sunglasses 2

*actual shoes I am wearing are sold out.

sweater | jeans | shoes 1 | shoes 2| hat 1 | hat 2 | sunglasses 1 | sunglasses 2

jacket (on sale today!) | top | jeans 1 | jeans 2 | shoes | bag | sunglasses 1 | sunglasses 2

top | skirt | shoes | hat 1 | hat 2

sweater | top | jeans | shoes 1 | shoes 2 | sunglasses | bag



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